OASIS Practice


Patient Management • Quick search, the patients are easily findable by parts of his name, ID, or demographics • A summary of your patient's details • Access to medical records, documents, images, and billing information • Quickly find Invoices and Payments • Unified Medical Record • Multi-Contact Electronic Medical Record • Shared Medical Record • One screen to fulfill consultation data including Patient Complain, Clinical Findings, Para Clinical Findings, Drugs, and Treatments. • Customizable view with Patient Dashboard • Drug Prescriptions • Laboratory Order • Treatment Management • Patient documents attachments • ICD10 diagnostics • Templates for repetitive consultations Outpatient Scheduling • Mobile Application for Booking • Multiple clinics and multiple calendars • Day, Clinic, week, and month views • Recurring events • Automatic Reminders (e-mail, SMS) • Eligibility Validations • Automatic deduction of need approval services • Approval request tracking • Fully integrated with billing module • One Pool for all booking requests • Performance and Analysis Reports Patient Billing • Fully Integrated with Patient EMR • Dashboards and statistics for sales and purchases • handle all billing types (cash, third party, and insurance patients) • display patient bill agreements components through structured hierarchy view. • Handles all types of transactions including automatic claims, manual invoices, customer notes (adjustments), and receipts • Insurance Claim Management • Customizable Template to export claims • Claim Remittance Management • Handles Table of Benefits with conditions (limits, exclusions, special pricing, specific authorization requirements, Duration) • Automatic Mapping for Services Codes with Shadow Billing Option. • Package Deal support. • Integrated inventory management • Follow Up Deposits and Outstanding • personalize your invoices Pharmacy • Allows Pharmacists to retrieve a patient prescription for record verification
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