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Avevitta Antiviral FFP2 Reusable masks (avevitta.com) is a unique EU-certified reusable FFP2 mask that kills > 99 % of viruses and bacteria - is a more protective, more eco-friendly as well as more cost-effective option than conventional disposable FFP2 masks. What makes the Avevitta FFP2 Protect 2.0 Mask unique, is that in addition to its high filtration capabilities, it is also antiviral and antibacterial. This means that if the mask comes in contact with a virus, the virus dies on the surface of the mask, preventing contamination.
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SANKOM SwitzerlandCB176SANKOM® was founded in the heart of Switzerland in the year 2003 by Dr. Mazourik who has the expertise of more than 20 years in the field of medical science.SANKOM Switzerland Group includes different innovative products lines:* SANKOM Patent Compression Shapewear:- SANKOM Patented Active Compression Socks are composed of 4 gradual compressions lines that when pulled one after the other will reduce swelling and heaviness, re-energize tired and achy legs.-  SANKOM Patented Shaper uses patented Swiss technology with an anatomical design that improves your posture, reduces back pain, and at the same time will enhances the figure.- SANKOM Patented Bra is the first and only bra in the world that uses the natural weight of the breasts to pull the shoulders backward, straightening the back, while simultaneously giving an amazing push-up effect. It is designed with two independent structures to support each breast independently. Instantly relieve your muscle tension, reduce your back pain.All products are certified as Medical Devices in Switzerland, granted by Worldwide Patents, approved by FDA and Clinically proven.* Swiss Diet Kit - natural, delicious, and healthy prebiotic supplement in the form of a candy chew that suppresses appetite and helps to lose weight 3-7 kg per month. * AFFARO – one of the most innovative HAIR CARE products. Made with the best clinically proven ingredients, helps to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It is proven to help recolor gray hair as well as increase hair density and health.  AFFARO is made in France by a GMP accredited laboratory.* EDEL DERM PEARL  WHITE Series. The effective solution for Whitening skin. Clinically proven. SANKOM has received global recognition and tremendous success among consumers as well as the professional medical community. SANKOM has different offices in 5 continents and successfully distributed its innovative patented products to over 95 countries worldwide.