Digital radiographic units ProGraph series


ProGraph universal X-ray machines are designed for all kinds of radiographic examinations required in outpatient care, as well as most multi-specialty and specialized hospitals. ProGraph machines replace the table and X-ray stand, providing an excellent alternative for X-ray diagnostic systems with two workstations. The machines are powered by the latest achievements in X-ray technologies and intended for a wide range of digital X-ray examinations using the minimal effective dose. Modern digital flat panel detectors obtain full-field high-resolution images with minimum distortion. Modern high frequency X-ray generators improve voltage and current management and reduce pulsation. The use of anatomically programmed radiography makes it easier for physicians to determine the required imaging parameters. Standard set includes: • technician workplace with a graphical monitor; • radiologist workplace with a monochrome medical and graphical monitors; • medical printer for image printing; • office printer for report printing; • digital archive on discs with increased failure protection and sufficient capacity for long-term image storage; • radiolucent mobile table; • ProGraph software for image managing, processing and archiving. ProGraph 7000: Easy operation, high image quality and a modern ergonomic design make ProGraph-7000 the perfect device for general radiography offices. A radiolucent mobile table with a carbon fiber floating tabletop simplifies X-ray examinations for recumbent patients. ProGraph 5000: ProGraph-5000 is an affordable and reliable device with all the necessary quality parameters. The traverse moves vertically and rotates on a vertical plane. The machine can be used for chest X-ray examination while standing, and recumbent patients can be examined using the radiolucent mobile table. All movements of the multi-position tube are fully motorized and controlled by software and a wireless remote control.
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