MAMMO-RPd mammography stationary and mobile options


OPTIMAL SCREENING MACHINE — HIGH IMAGE QUALITY Mammo-RPd, a state-of-the-art digital scanning mammography system. A unique device developed to meet the requirements of patients, physicians, and laboratory assistants, ensuring reduced effective doses and high quality of images. The small pixel size of the digital detector (less than 50 μm) and high spatial resolution (not less than 10 line pairs/mm), as well as decreased effective doses, render this machine suitable for both screening and diagnostic examinations. STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGIES TO REDUCE RADIATION DOSE FOR PATIENTS: The system employs the fan-shaped X-ray beam scanning technology, which allows significant reduction of scattered radiation. This technology makes the use of an antiscatter grid unnecessary, thus reducing the effective dose by more than 50 % compared with conventional mammography machines while retaining image quality, which is a key factor for screening mammography. This achievement has been due to the use of state-of-the-art technologies when developing a detecting device that has both high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) and extremely low electronic noise. The effective equipment and the dedicated digital mammography software help produce images of superior quality. Image analysis and image processing are fully focused on diagnostic purposes and guarantee optimal visualization and detection of micro calcifications and lesions. RADIOLOGIST AND TECHNICIAN WORKSTATIONS: The software allows performing breast imaging studies in accordance with the WHO-approved protocol. Two medical high-resolution monochrome monitors (not less than 20 inches, 5 megapixels) provide the physician with comfortable conditions for accurate diagnosis. A medical printer can print images on film, retaining high image quality. The remote control unit available at the technician workstation is a fullfunction computer with modern DICOM compatible software. The operator is able to enter patient data, adjust image.
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