XR-Clinic is an innovative product for training medical personnel’s in professional skills without risk to patients in a realistic simulation environment, based on our own XR (VR) technology. Advantages: Biosafety measures; Wearing personal protective means; Fast cases adaptation, based on WHO and Ministry of Health recommendation; Maximum savings on physical equipment; Reduce the cost of creating a simulation environment for training and OSCE; Saving the space of the simulation center (in one room 16 m2 a virtual clinic with 20 rooms can be located); Online technical support; Remote software update; Actors replaced by virtual patient; Opportunity to develop professional skills without the risk to the patient; Automated exam of OSCE with an objective assessment; Basic modules for the most common diseases; Possibility of developing clinical cases according to customer needs. More than 100 clinical cases Training and OSCE of students, residents and doctors In addition to inspection, the student can interact with interactive objects. Additional examinations available to the doctor include all the necessary laboratory and instrumental methods of research. The results are displayed in the form of an image, and with the interpretation of some studies as well. All the results of communication and physical examination according to the decision of the student are displayed in the electronic medical history. The doctor can make a diagnosis, and initiate the treatment or make a decision for hospitalization.
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