The STERISHRED® 250 system is an equipment for the on-site treatment by sterilisation of infectious risk waste. As well as the STERIPLUS™ range, the system works by a preliminary shredding phase of the waste followed by a cycle of decontamination by steam sterilization at 135°C. After treatment, the infectious waste is converted into waste like household waste and can be disposed of like any other common industrial waste or domestic waste. The STERISHRED® systems are designed to be installed at the place of waste generation to reduce personnel exposure, environmental risks and costs associated to the management of infectious waste. Easy to use and fully automated, the STERISHRED® 250 machine has a very large treatment capacity of 125 litres. With its larger infectious waste treatment capacity, the machine can treat up to 35kg of infectious waste per hour, during 50 to 60 minutes cycles. This model is ideal for bagged waste treatment. An efficient, fast, and environment-friendly solution.
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