exacure - robotic patient positioning for radiotherapy


With the exacure system, BEC, as a certified medical device manufacturer according to DIN ISO 13485, has launched an independent patient positioning system. An industrial robot specially adapted for medical use forms the core of the exacure system. The special feature is the ceiling mounting with a linear axis, which gives the robot seven independent directions of movement for the first time in medical use. Not only can it be positioned in all three spatial directions and 6 degrees of freedom, but the entire system can be moved along the ceiling to or from the beam outlet, thus providing even greater flexibility in positioning the patient. An optical monitoring system developed by BEC checks the position of the patient couch 500 times per second and corrects it in real time if necessary. Existing treatment rooms can also benefit from the advantages of the exacure system, as retrofitting existing radiation centers is possible without massive structural changes. The exacure system's robust design can also be used under severe conditions, such as in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT). In BNCT treatment, the demands on the medical systems used in the treatment room are significantly higher than in conventional radiation therapy. The main reason for this is that the material properties of the equipment are affected by neutron irradiation. Depending on the spectrum of the neutrons, the radiation exposure limits the service life of the components or, in the worst case, they are completely unsuitable for use in the context of BNCT treatment. BEC's exacure system is currently the only certified complete medical system that meets these demanding requirements and ensures patient safety during BNCT treatment through safe patient positioning and imaging.
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BEC GmbHZ3.A59BEC develops robotics for medical technology and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485. The product portfolio includes robotic applications for patient positioning, intervention and strength training.Intervention"guidoo" is a robotic assistance system. Based on VT imaging data, guidoo supports the practitioner in safe navigation and positioning. For example, its robotic arm guides a needle sleeve to the planned puncture site. The specialist inserts the biopsy needle through a guide sleeve, while guidoo supports positioning and angulation of the needle and specifies the insertion depth. This increases the hit rate, avoids control scans and protects the patient.RadiotherapyThe patient positioning system exacure enables high-precision irradiation of tumors. It includes more than 15 years of experience in robotic patient positioning and is successfully used in proton, ion, and boron neutron capture therapy. In the field of BNCT, it is the first certified complete system on the market that guarantees the safe function of all components even under the influence of neutron radiation. By ceiling mounting with linear axis, exacure positions patients reliably and flexibly in front of the treatment beam with up to 7 degrees of freedom. The position of the patient couch is monitored in real time by the exatrack camera system. Thanks to its extensive modular design, the modular positioning system can be adapted to existing and new treatment rooms and expanded at any time. All modules communicate via the powerful exacontrol control system. Sophisticated technology and innovative neutron shielding ensure the system's long service life even under radiation exposure.Strength training Strength training requires guided movements with varying forces. The "RoboGym" training robot revolutionizes this training: Its sensors and position data record the athlete's movements and forces in real time. It analyzes performance and provides direct bio-feedback for more efficient and injury-free training. A Digital Twin stores all training data, which is available in the cloud anytime and anywhere.