TEAC 4k Video Streamer UR-Stream


Introducing A Stand-Alone Encoder & Decoder For 4K Live Streaming + Recording The UR-Stream is a 4K/UHD AV over IP streaming encoder and decoder that simultaneously records, encodes, streams, and decodes multiple 4K video streams (3840x2160) using High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), a high efficiency coding scheme that delivers H.264 video quality at half the bit rate The UR-Stream live streaming encoder is compatible with popular standard streaming protocols, including HLS, RTMP, RTP/RTSP. Multicast, Unicast—all with RESTful API for integration into control systems in commercial AV installations. The UR-Stream can record directly to USB device or SD cards via a front/ rear panel loading slot. Recorded files can be automatically uploaded to an FTP server for creating back-up copies, editing, or repurposing to the web. No AC Adapter Required for Commercial AV Installations. PoE+ functionality eliminates the need for AC adaptors in AV installations. Optional AC power supply sold separately where external AC power is required. Audio can be embedded from analog sources and de-embedded to drive networked audio playback for ceiling speakers, or digital audio within the HDMI I/O can be used. An integrated installed output level configuration function and reference level switching function (up to +20dBu) allows reliable and flexible system structuring when streaming video. DISCOVERY App and Web-GUI allow easy remote management of multiple UR-Stream unit systems. The Mac/Windows "DISCOVERY" app allows multiple UR-Stream units connected to the network to be managed from a simple Web-browser based GUI. All configuration settings are saved within the UR-Stream devices, so that in normal operation no computer is needed for streaming or recording.
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