TEAC 4k surgical Video Recorder / DICOM Gateway UR-NEXT-4k


“UR-NEXT 4K” is TEAC’s first medical video recorder that supports 4K resolution and enables video recording from 4K cameras used in medical settings such as endoscopes and surgical microscopes. By further evolving the video recording technology cultivated through product development over 30 years, it supports high-resolution video recording of up to 4096×2160, and at the same time, TEAC equipped with 3D video and 2-channel video simultaneous recording function. It is a recorder that is the culmination of video technology. Equipped with a 7-inch large-screen touch panel, it is easier for the operator to check the input camera image. You can also check the two input video sources side by side. The operability of the touch panel has also been improved, and it is now possible to enter information and make various settings with more intuitive operations from the graphic interface on the screen. In addition, the UR-NEXT 4K has a new jog dial on the front panel. In addition to touch operation on the front screen, it provides faster operability before and during surgery with the jog dial. In addition, it is the first TEAC medical image product to be equipped with a wireless video data transfer function via Wi-Fi. It is possible to transfer recorded video data to a PC without connecting a LAN cable even in places where the network environment in the hospital is not in place. Equipped with 2TB of built-in storage to record larger capacity video data such as 4K and 3D. We will support the growing needs for video recording in the medical field in the future. TEAC will start offering new medical recorders compatible with 4K resolution, 3D video, and 2ch in Q2 2022. We will continue to develop unprecedented products to provide new convenience to the medical field.
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