Potok laminar flow units are designed to discharge the unidirectional airflow at a speed from 0.24 to 0.3 m/s into the working area of clean rooms (for example, to surgigal table zone). Model, capacity, m3/h: from 90 to 9000 Housing material: laminar flow, painted steel case Energy consumption, W: 10 per 1000 m3 Weight, kg: from 33 to 700 POTOK professional equipment is successfully used in healthcare. It decreases the risk of nosocomial infections, increases treatment effectiveness, and shorten the recovery and rehabilitation period of patients, effectively deals with antibiotic resistance of microorganisms. 3500+ installations (operating theaters, oncology wards, intensive care units, bandage and burn wards, tb and infectious disease wards, emergency rooms, maternity wards, etc.).The Potok® equipment reduces concentrations of microorganisms and viruses in the indoor air to minimum (background) values and maintains it at the level achieved. Live microorganisms and viruses are not accumulated inside functional decontamination units, which eliminates their instantaneous release after disabling and re-enabling the unit. Air decontamination systems air produced by the Potok Inter scientific and production company, have no rivals in the market and provide a unique range of benefits including: 1. Minimum inactivation efficiency (integrity destruction) of microorganisms: 99.9%*. 2. Non-selectivity: destruction of all types of air-borne microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mold. 3. Safety: around-the-clock operation in the presence of people and animals. 4. Cost-effectiveness: no consumable elements that require periodic replacement and time logging, low power consumption. 5. Reliability: automatic monitoring of microorganism inactivation effectiveness. 6. Durability: service life of the equipment is up to 10 years.
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Potok InterSA.G11Developer of its own technology used by NASA and the producer of patented airdecontamination units that destroy SARS-CoV-2 andall other viruses, bacteria, and mold. Potok technology has no analogies in theworld and it is based on a physical method of destroyingmicroorganisms and viruses called cell membrane electroporation. We don't useHEPA filters, ozone, ultraviolet, and other hazardous substances.For 27 years the company has been conductingresearch and developing and manufacturing equipment for healthcare facilities(e.g. operation theaters, intensive care units, etc.). Potok decreases the riskof nosocomial infections, increases treatment effectiveness, and shorten therecovery and rehabilitation period of patients, effectively deals withantibiotic resistance of microorganisms.Potok technology advantages are:01 Effectiveness of inactivating microorganismsat least 99.9%02 Nonselectivitydestruction of all types of microorganisms andviruses, antibiotic-resistant strains03 Durabilityservice life of the equipment is 10 years04 Environmentally friendlyno chemicals are used for inactivation,equipment does not require special disposal05. Safetywork in presence of people06 Energy savingconsumption is similar to that of LED light bulb07 Automatic controlover inactivation effectivenessPOTOK technology was tested by major scientificresearch institutes all over the world: Harvard School of Public Health(USA), Conformity laboratories (Korea), East Bavarian Technical Universityof Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden (Germany), National Institute of PublicHealth (Hungary), Research institute of influenza (Russia), Stateinstitute of tuberculosis (Russia), Institute of virology named afterIvanovskiy (Russia), Institute of epidemiology and microbiology named afterGamaley (Russia), etc.