TEAC surgical HD Video Recorder / DICOM Gateway UR-4MD


Affordable image storage and worklist management for existing modalities in hospital and medical centres TEAC have announced that their compact UR-4MD surgical image recorder can inexpensively be expanded with DICOM functions. This combination enables hospitals and medical centres even with a small budget to benefit from time-savers like worklist management and centralised data storage. Used as an affordable DICOM gateway, the UR-4MD can link any existing medical imaging device such as endoscopes, ultrasound devices, cameras in surgical lights and others to a picture archiving and communications system (PACS). “Even facilities that cannot afford an expensive PACS can use the UR-4MD as a video gateway and retrieve worklists from their worklist server in order to improve the workflow in the operating or examination room and eliminate sources of typing errors”, says Andreas Koller, sales and marketing manager MIS at TEAC Europe GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany. “Opening the worklist to select a patient requires only two button presses, and long worklists can be quickly filtered by patient ID”, he adds. Moreover, when changing appointments, the user can also display the day before or after. C Store support (also known as “DICOM Push”) enables the automatic transfer of all images to the patient folder on the PACS server. The high-definition UR-4MD has proven itself in practical use for years. It is compact and easy to operate – ideal in the time-critical medical sector – and it provides multiple input connectors from analogue to full-HD with auto-sensing to interface quickly with virtually any imaging source. Video and still images can be recorded at high resolution to an internal hard disk and USB memory in parallel, and there is a disaster recovery function to retrieve data in case someone has accidentally disconnected the source during a recording session.
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