Fastrack - PTCA Balloon Catheter


Fastrack - PTCA Balloon Catheters are designed with a low entry profile of 0.017" and a unique tapered distal shaft that enable easy lesion crossing during pre-dilation and for total chronic occlusion interventions. The inner lumen made of tri-layer material with HDPE inner-layer and nylon outer-layer material minimises friction without compromising stiffness. Together with the unique hypotube design and the kink resistant strain-relief, it ensures excellent pushability and trackability. Fast Track is designed with a long entry tip (4.0mm) to enable easy crossing of the lesion prior to stent placement. Also, the tri-fold balloon ensures low crossing profile and the semi-compliant balloon material provides a flexible, controlled expansion at the lesion. Hydrophilic coating of the distal shaft is available as an option.
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