Rapido Med Laser


The growing success of the medical lasers’ use in clinical surgery is related to their advantages, such as good interaction with water, bloodless operating field, minimal swelling and scarring, less post-surgical pain. These outstanding results come due the peculiar affinity among wavelengths from 980nm to 1470nm and the tissue. The light at this wavelengths is proved to react with some components of the tissues as haemoglobin, water and pigmented proteins (cromophores). This interaction offers a quick and precise cutting with an immediate coagulation as well as bacteria reduction in the site, avoiding undesirable post-operation side effects. To meet the growing needs of surgery specialists, MEDENCY Laser Company provides high quality and reliable diode laser devices in terms of efficiency, accuracy and safety for multiple medical fields as urology, proctology, phlebology and orthopaedics. The pre-set settings in RAPIDO include a wide range of treatments, such as PLDD, EVLT, LVR and diabetic foot therapy.
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