NIRVANA - Virtual reality in support of motor and cognitive neuro-rehabilitation


NIRVANA virtual reality is a completely immersive system, applied to the neuromotor rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders. The system creates different scenarios on walls or floors and the patient interacts with the provided stimulus. A motion analysis device detects the patient’s behavior and adjusts the projected environment providing an audio/visual feedback strongly stimulating and rehabilitative, with a full immersion of the whole body. NIRVANA creates a “sensory room” where the patient can live an immersive stimulating experience in different realistic scenerios. It allows you to make the patient’s rehabilitation process more effective by involving the subject in a stimulating experience. Exercises can be edited in real time and adapted to the specific patient’s abilities. The system is preconfigured with a set of exercises, that can be customized according to the level of difficulty, speed of performance and sensitive area to various patients categories. The exercises have been entirely developed in collaboration with clinical experts recognized by the International Scientific Community. By using this system, more patients will be rehabilitated simultaneously and under the supervision of a single therapist. The NIRVANA doesn’t require a dedicated space. Sensors and projectors do not actually take up any floor space.
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