The evaluation of muscle activity is fundamental to understand the patient’s state of health and to intervene with highly personalized therapeutic pathways.Thanks to the functional protocols it is possible to perform the analysis of specific movements for each body region, in order to have a global assessment that allows the creation of a real “functional diagnosis” considered as the identification of any movement dysfunctions, residual potentials and compensation strategies. The use of our FREEEMG 1000 EMG system together with the inertial sensor G-SENSOR allows an immediate visualization of the behavior of the reference muscle related to the movement performed. Functional protocols allow you to evaluate in a few minutes walk, posture, mobility of the lumbar and cervical segment and dental occlusion, providing an indispensable tool for the definition of the most appropriate therapy and in the pre-post treatment analysis. With the Functional Protocols you can assess: WALK STATIC POSTURE LUMBAR MOBILITY SHOULDER MOBILITY CERVICAL SPINE MOBILITY
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