CardiUP! ECG Holter family


CardiUP! ECG Holter family records all-day ECG up to 168 hours. After the monitoring period, recorded data are evaluated and analyzed automatically by CardioVisions Holter management software which also provides a printable report. The QRS detection algorithm of the software is 99.9% accurate according to the AHA and MIT database. With an additional 3-channel cable CardiUP!12 ECG Holter can be used either as a real 12-channel or a bipolar 3-channel device, meanwhile CardiUP!3 can record on 3 channels. CardiUP!3/12 due to its large LCD allows the users to follow realtime on-screen ECG display for accurate hookups. The most suitable setup can be easily found in the menu of your device (including recording parameters, language or time settings etc.).
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