ABPM-06 24-hour blood pressure monitor


Meditech ABPM-06 24-h BP monitor provides accurate information on blood pressure variability, overnight dipping and morning surge for hypertension management and control. Working with stepwise deflation, the small, lightweight unit is as comfortable to wear and reliable to use as all Meditech devices. Thanks to its extended measurement ranges, ABPM-06 provides a more precise blood pressure profile and gives you even more. Speaking of either the A/A grade clinical validation, the built-in voice recording, the manual programming option, the automatic cuff size detection or the SleepWell® function, we can be agreed that the sixth generation of the Meditech ABPMs is a great device for GP's and researchers alike. Two types of free, continuously upgreadable software packages are included with the ABPM-06 kit, both of them can be used on unlimited number of PCs with no further charges.
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