Asset Management Products (IoT, RTLS, RFID)


ASSET INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Count all your assets in the quickest, most accurate way and simultaneously receive an up-to-date asset inventory list. Track your maintenance and calibration process automatically. Increase asset efficiency, decrease operational costs, and eliminate over-purchase. • Count assets quickly and systematically without requiring a line of sight. • Identify which assets are lost or relocated. • Reduce asset searching time from hours to minutes. • Maintain paperless custody. • Easily schedule preventative maintenance and create automated workflows. ASSET UTILIZATION An average asset in a hospital remains unutilized for more than 50% of its lifespan. Identify how long your assets are being used in which location. Intelligently locate and manage assets according to demand. Maximize efficiency. • Identify which assets are idle and which assets are used the most. • Re-allocate assets to where they are in most demand and avoid unnecessary purchases and rentals. • Find any assets in a matter of seconds. • Ensure that the required assets are in their pre-designated area and are available for patient care. ASSET SAFETY Do you often lose your infusion pump, pillows, towels, oximeters, and more? Prevent asset loss by receiving real-time alerts in case of any theft attempt or unauthorized change of location. • Set safe zones for your assets and automatically detect unauthorized asset movement through real-time location information. • See the video of the risk moment through CCTV integration.
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