Facility Management Products (IoT, RTLS, RFID)


LOCATION-AWARE WORK DEMAND MANAGEMENT Eliminate manual labor in the task assignment process. Automatically assign each task to the appropriate staff in the most accurate and fastest way. Ensure increased productivity and efficiency in meeting your business goals. • Assign tasks to the most appropriate personnel based on their real-time location and workload information. • Stop planning in spreadsheets. Assign tasks in less than 10 seconds. • Decrease the patient wait-time and footprints of porters across the hospital. • Prevent the disproportionate distribution of work. Boost staff satisfaction and loyalty. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING Ensure that your food and medicine are kept at the specified temperature and humidity levels 24/7 to avoid health risks and prevent product loss. Intervene before any harm or loss occurs. • Continuously monitor temperature and humidity levels remotely. • Receive real-time alerts when the temperature/humidity of critical areas go out of the pre-designated range. • Remain compliant with the regulatory safety requirements.
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