Patient Management Products (IoT, RTLS, RFID)


PATIENT THROUGHPUT MANAGEMENT Monitor the patient journey in the operating theatre process thoroughly without any human input. See where the bottlenecks are and what exactly causes the delays. Focus on decreasing patient waiting times and increase operating room utilization. • Track each phase of the operation theatre process. • See any delay at any point in the process and act accordingly. • Shorten patient stay and serve more patients. • Ensure that the right patient is taken to the correct operating room. • Inform relatives of the patients about the operation process via visual dashboards. INFANT SAFETY Protect your infants 24/7 by receiving real-time alerts if there is an unauthorized attempt to move them out of their pre-designated safe zone. Ensure correct mother-infant matching. • Continuously monitor each infant with the highest precision throughout the hospital. • Receive instant alerts in case of any kidnapping attempt. • Tamper-proof Borda Infant Tag provides instant alerts if there’s an attempt to remove the tag from an infant’s ankle. • Ensure that every infant is always delivered to their mother. • See any kidnapping attempt through CCTV integration. PATIENT SAFETY Track your patients 24/7 across the hospital. Get notified if any patient tries to leave their pre-designated zone. • Set up safe zones for patients with a risk of falling or those with Alzheimer‘s disease, and track them across the hospital. • Receive instant alerts if any patient tries to leave their pre-designated zone. There is no need for manual monitoring. • Allow patients to call for an emergency 24/7 across the hospital through integration with your Nurse Call system. • Emergency calls are received with real-time location information of the patient to ensure the quickest possible reaction.
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