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IPOTZSTUDIO is a Creative and Multidisciplinary Studio that operates in the Architectural Design, Interior Design, Product Design and in the Communication Design areas. We are a global design brand that seeks to combine in each project contemporary design with innovative business concepts. Our studio’s team is composed by highly qualified professionals capable of leading projects on an international level. We offer creativity and uniqueness in everything we do: from the genesis of the project to its implementation. Our project portfolio includes Healthcare Institutions, Hotels, Restaurants, Business Spaces and Private Housing. IPOTZ HEALTHCARE DESIGN IPOTZ HEALTHCARE DESIGN is a reference brand with innovative/pioneering design solutions for the Healthcare Sector. Our mission is to create and to develop comfortable, safe, and functional design solutions for healthcare institutions that allow staff and patients to enjoy a unique healing experience. We inspire the customer by first being inspired by them and their philosophies as an organization. The path is made by understanding our client´s vision and philosophy as an organization. By asking the right questions we seek path towards the essential truth of the project which is our key to success. IPOTZ HEALTHCARE DESIGN FIT-OUT SOLUTION If you are interested in opening your healthcare institution in a new location, a turnkey Fit-Out is the ideal solution to make the entire process efficient and seamless. With a turnkey fit-out, you will be dealing with a single point of contact. Our team will get to know your business and its needs while building a relationship with you and taking your feedback on board to provide the most out of your fit-out project. Find out more about us at: www.ipotz.pt
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Cesam Especialidades Farmaceuticas LdaH7.F39INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS FOR HOSPITAL CONCEPTION, EQUIPMENT, AND MANAGEMENTIn a competitive and demanding world, achieving excellence in project development is only possible in partnership with stakeholders who have the same goals and quality standards. For Idealmed GHS, Ipotz and Ciberbit, quality and differentiation are common vectors that allow us to embrace challenges together, assuming the sharing of skills as an added value for our health project's success.IDEALMED GHSThe IDEALMED GHS integrates all the skills and know-how required for the design, development, and management of projects in the health sector, whether own or third parties, giving its partners the comfort of having a single, highly qualified entity, responsible for its full implementation and management.Find out more at: www.idealmedgroup.comIPOTZ DESIGN SOLUTIONSIPOTZSTUDIO is a Creative and Multidisciplinary Studio that operates in the Architectural Design, Interior Design, Product Design, and in the Communication Design areas.Find out more: www.ipotz.ptCIBERBIT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONSCiberbit is a Portuguese company that has devoted all its software engineering and consulting projects for the past decade solely to the study of Healthcare organizations, their systems, and tools. I’mTHOM® is now the core of Ciberbit’s activity and is a software system built to be a single platform across the scope of all activities within a healthcare unit. Find out more at: www.ciberbit.ptINNOV·CELL THERAPEUTICSActive in the global market, is dedicated to the development, promotion, and commercialization of its own products, with a focus on biotechnological innovation and personalized medicine. With eyes set on the future, day after day we are reaching new heights, making a significant contribution to the life quality of populations, by delivering meaningful products that meet medical needs. KELO.CELL BIOGEL The new product generation of silicone gel with bioactive metabolites of totipotent stem cells for an effective scar treatment. Helps fade, flatten and soften Hypertrophic, Atrophic, and Keloid, old and new scars. Find out more at: www.kelocell.com