Gastroenterology catheters/tubes


Feeding tube with ENFit connector, Feeding tube, Stomach tube, Duodenal tube, Rectal tube, Catheter stopper
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TIK d.o.o. Kobarid, SlovenijaH2.C19Using state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience, the company TIK d.o.o., develops and manufactures innovative disposable medical devices for single use for humane medicine, and with its 60 years of experience, ranks at the very top of European manufacturers. Commitment to quality, our own development, and exceptional flexibility, guarantee that all our products are impeccable in quality, and user as well as medical staff friendly. With activities in the area of research and product development, the production of plastic components and tubes, as well as installation in 1500 m2 clean rooms with the corresponding infrastructure, we are able to meet the high requirements and conditions of the global market. Our products are primarily used in human medicine, so quality and reliability come first. The mission of our user-friendly products is also reflected in our slogan: “Knowledge for life since 1951”. The key to the existence and operation of our company is a quality system with all the associated certificates. We have set up a quality system in accordance with the EN ISO 13485: 2016 standard and obtained CE certificates for all our products. Our speciality and potential are a great deal of flexibility, traditionally good cooperation with major European distributors, a favourable geographical location and, last but not least, many years of experience and unique know-how in the production of disposable medical devices for single use. Webiste: #catheter #catheters #IVF #follicle #greencath #urinebag