Infokomunikator - NURSE CALL SYSTEM +


Our latest product is Infokomunikator - an innovative call system for the medical industry. The Infokomunikator uses redundant wireless communication as a multi-channel communication system between medical staff, patient, IT system and medical equipment monitoring the patient's condition. Its full functionality is obtained after integration with the institution's IT system. It is a useful tool for patients treated, cured and the management of a medical facility. We have equipped it with features that are most important to each of these user groups. The Infokomunikator is: 1. Fail-safe Works in 2 independent communication channels. For safety, each element of the system is equipped with its own emergency power source. 2. Complete It has all the elements necessary for operation: bedside remotes, bathroom callers, indoor lamps, medical staff smartphones, on-call tablets, staff smartphone dispensers (charging and dispensing devices only to authorized persons). 3. Easy to disinfect All elements can be easily and quickly cleaned and disinfected. 4. Solid All parts are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards (CE certificate) and using the latest technologies. 5. Easy to install It is 100% wireless and its implementation does not require any construction works. Installation is quick and easy. 6. Safe It has been protected against unauthorized leakage of information. All data is encrypted and the wireless network is secured against unauthorized access and separated from the public network. 7. Multifunctional Using the bedside communicator, you can control, among others: TV, lighting, blinds and air conditioning.
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