ALLERGOCOVER tightly woven allergen protection


The ALLERGOCOVER material is particularly impermeable to allergens because of its consistently tight weave. This provides extremely high protection against mite allergens and significantly reduces allergic symptoms
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Allergo Healthcare KGSA.L12Allergo Healthcare® is a German company in the healthcare industry and specializes in the field of dust mite allergy and asthma prevention. Worldwide, approximately 900 million people suffer from mite allergy and 330 million from asthma. Every year, more than 250,000 people die as a result. Allergo manufactures allergy-proof duvet covers (encasings) that act as a barrier to prevent contact with allergens, thereby relieving allergic symptoms and preventing asthma attacks. The company began producing and selling such encasings more than 25 years ago. With its two brands Allergo Natur® and ALLERGOCOVER®, Allergo Healthcare is now one of the largest encasing manufacturers in Europe. The ALLERGOCOVER® brand, considered the "gold standard", is sold worldwide through subsidiaries and distribution partners and supplies doctors and patients in over 20 countries. The subsidiary Allergo Healthcare Middle East, founded in 2020, maintains its own office with warehouse in Dubai, from where deliveries are made to the entire GCC countries. As a company in the healthcare industry, Allergo Healthcare places particular emphasis on sustainable, resource-conserving production and management. Approximately 100 employees work in production, sales and administration. Allergo Encasings® create a healthy sleeping environment in a safe and simple way. In this way, Allergo helps allergy sufferers and asthmatics to alleviate their symptoms and achieve a better quality of life.