CLEARSPLINT INVISIBLE SOLUTION™ is innovational system compatible with the latest trend, that allows to correct the malocclusion with the use of invisible aligners. Find out more at:
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ALMADENTSA.A01APOLLO IMPLANT COMPONENTS Apollo Implant Components it is European manufacturer of individual implant components.We specialize in production of individual abutments, suprastructures, bars, bridges and other prosthetic solutions.We use technology previously reserved only for factory production of custom implant-based prosthetic reconstruction. Our innovative solutions guarantee production with the highest world standards. Apollo Implant Components partners are renowned dental laboratories and dental clinics around the word. Based on the constantly growing expectations of the implant prosthetic market, our team of specialists systematically works on innovative solutions that meet your expectations.The key factors in creating the APOLLO brand are also our work philosophy, care for the highest level and close relationships with Customers. CLEARSPLINT INVISIBLE SOLUTION™INVISIBLE ORTHO ALIGNER CLEARSPLINT INVISIBLE SOLUTION™ is an innovative system enabling the correction of malocclusion with the use of invisible aligners.A convenient way to achieve the desired smile without the need for traditional fixed orthodontic braces. Use aligners to prepare the prosthetic treatment. Use CLEARSPLINT™ as part of and in support of comprehensive treatment.CLEARSPLINT INVISIBLE SOLUTION™ is a package of transparent aligners individually designed and fitted to the patient. CLEARSPLINT™ is recommended for the treatment of mild to moderate malocclusion.