Appmedica is a modern CMMS class software helping hospital and clinic staff with daily tasks on every level. Periodic activities, contracts, warehouse management and much more in one easy-to-use both web and mobile app. It is an IT tool that meets the legal and operational requirements of healthcare facilities in terms of recording and transmitting information about the equipment (service, maintenance, costs, applications, purchases). Our software is used to record full data - especially medical equipment, but also other hospital assets, including records of buildings and rooms. Appmedica collects and displays equipment data (categories, names, types, dates, values, etc.) and data related to the operation of this equipment (inspections, repairs, diagnostics: costs, dates of production, information on manufactured items, consumables replaced), acts as a repository of files with a powerful search engine, enables the management of information about service companies and the display of statistics and reports. Appmedica is a functional tool that allows you to find answers to the questions of the healthcare facility manager concerning the equipment: - what is the cost of maintenance and repairs, - what is the history of equipment maintenance, - what is its failure rate. The system offers an online helpdesk service that automates the recording of failure information and its inclusion in statistics and reports. Today, Appmedica operates in several dozen hospitals, including the largest in Poland. It supports asset management and generates necessary reports for: equipment usage analysis, budget execution analysis, cost analysis, human resources efficiency analysis, and current operational knowledge is available in one place. It is an indispensable analytical tool, without which access to a specific range of data is impossible. It is appreciated by users, has a clear interface and excellent functionality.
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