clinical EEG system NEUROVISOR


Digital DC EEG amplifiers - Full DC channels - 24 bit resolution - ±409 mV dynamic range of EEG channels - 500 or 2000 Hz sampling rate for clinical EEG - 2000, 10000 or 50000 Hz sampling rate for EP/ERP Inside NEUROvisor box - EEG amplifier NVX with 5m USB cable - photic stimulator with 5m USB cable - EEG electrode cap (size 54-60 cm) with common connector - 2 leads ECG cable with electrodes - user manual - software on USB flash Options - stand for amplifier - stand for photic stimulator - EP/ERP package* (software license, optical trigger sensor, audio stimulator, response keyboard) Inside EP/ERP box - ASTIM acoustic stimulator with 5m USB cable - ER headphones - ER keyboard - VGASENS optical trigger sensor - trigger cable for connection to EEG amplifier NVX - user manual - software license EP/ERP package is an option for NEUROVISOR clinical EEG system. EEG amplifier NVX36/NVX52 is not included in the EP/ERP package Original probes for AUX channels* - photoplethysmography finger probe - 3D accelerometric probe - breath thermometric probe - galvanic skin response probe * Intended for NVX36 and NVX52 amplifiers only
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