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The contaminated air is drawn in over a wide area by two fans on the front ends of the unit and disinfected ozone-free without any chemical in the shielded, highly efficient disinfection chamber. Viruses and bacteria are immediately eliminated and destroyed by the UVC light. The two air outlets on the underside of the unit feed the disinfected air back into the room. The permanent disinfection reduces the risk of infection with infectious pathogens in aerosols such as SARS-CoV-2.
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IOTCOH2.D58The pandemic has been part of our daily lives for two years now.A complicated situation for everyone, for the tired staff but also for the profitability of the business.In the last two years, we have managed to relieve many companies by drastically reducing the viral load in their workplaces with up to 99% efficiency.- Ensure the health of your business- Increase the comfort of your staff, - Protect the health of all.A solution for spaces highly exposed to viruses.Together with Prof. Eric Rompen and Dr. Frederic Luizi, we have developed a disinfection device active on viruses, bacteria and fungi including Sars-Cov-2.Originally developed for the dentists it is also used in many other sectors where COVID involves protection and special care such as hospitals (emergencies boxes, de-shock room, pneumology, cardiology, stomatology, surgery, cleaning rooms, patient rooms…), changing rooms, nursing homes, laboratories, kitchen…Have a look on these short (2min) videos:  The concept: https://youtu.be/XmcKutVlTNk How to operate the system: https://youtu.be/L7S4W3oLDMk Is it safe to go to my dentist? https://youtu.be/GWiUkCa8UPw  TV news explaining what we do: https://youtu.be/IhbRPbq2VHkIn a few words1) Sustainable:"Today the system covers against COvid 19 but also will tomorrow with the next waves of viruses and other possible contaminations."2) Fast/Cost-Effective:"Only 4 - 5 minutes to disinfect a 20 m² room and its contents between 2 patients " (less work for the nurses)3) Security:A compliment to standard disinfection protocol4) PowerfulMore than 35mJ/cm²5) NaturalNo chemicalsWe have several publications attesting the effectiveness of our device and UVC disinfection, and test results from an independent laboratory that validates our test. We can also connect you with hospitals that are using our technology.