Color Tactile Maps and Plans – made of plastic


Multicolored tyflomaps are an ideal solution, when the high level of detail is necessary. Much less schematic than those from steel or bras, they represent the true spirit of Universal Design. Our knowledge and experience make us capable to design in accordance with current requirements. The technology is durable, especially in the indoor use, like in Warsaw Tube and many railway stations all over Poland. It’s visually attractive and weather resistant. On request, we add anti-grafitti layer. Except of contrasting printing, those maps/plans contain convex markings and texts in Braille alphabet. Material:  plastic of high quality (PC, ADA, PMMA, DiBond) Fastening :  on frame to the wall  on pedestal to the flooring Features :  high resistance against destruction attempts  aesthetic looks  resistant to weather conditions, but designed to be installed inside.  high contrast printing – for the visually impaired
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