Pick-Up - Disposable Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle with Catching System


PickUp is a device for bone marrow biopsy that features an external trap system that enables tissue extraction without luxation. The ergonomic T handle is designed to optimize the distribution of pressure applied by the operator during insertion into cortical bone. The cannula of the needle is made with high quality tempered stainless steel, and has centimeter markings on its surface that allow the operator to easily determine insertion depth. The special "fish mouth" sharpening of the needle tip improves penetration capacity and ensures a perfectly cylindrical cut that maintains the integrity of the specimen. PickUp is equipped with a rotation coupling security system that limits stylet movement during insertion. The stylet has a pyramidal trocar tip that allows for quick and minimally invasive penetration of cortical bone. The device includes an extraction wire that measures the quantity of specimen present in the cannula and offers additional safety to specimen extraction. The needle diameter and international color codes are stamped on the packaging.​
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