The award-winning digital pre-operative assessment platform. Reducing surgery cancellation rates and risk. Increasing patient throughput and theatre utilisation. An efficient and effective pre-operative assessment pathway: Surgery and anaesthesia are the hospital’s engine room, where many costs are focused and where most revenue is generated (typically 70%). Synopsis ensures the pre-operative process is efficient, supporting hospitals to increase patient throughput and theatre utilisation whilst reducing cancellation rates and risk. Harness the power of integrated data to support clinicians: The Synopsis platform allows hospitals to manage the entire perioperative process digitally, removing the paper trail, increasing data security and delivering significant organisational benefits - including economic benefits. Synopsis stands apart from other digital pre-operative assessment solutions by being the first solution to fully integrate with various hospital Patient Administration Systems (PAS) - delivering effective digital transformation by joining-up siloed data systems to smooth the flow of patients to surgery, reduce administrative time for clinicians and elevate the experience for patients. Reduce cancellation rates, increase patient throughput and reduce risk: As a proven partner, Synopsis has safely delivered over 200,000 patient pre-operative assessments, saving healthcare providers on average $1.9m, per annum. Savings are generated from the reduction of lastminute cancellations of surgery by an average of 20% and further administration time reductions, which releases nursing time back to the departments. Over 250 tailored algorithms support the clinical decision making process: Synopsis iQ receives multiple data inputs from patients, clinicians and even lab data from other systems, and processes all that data using these tailored algorithms to generate clear outcomes, supporting the decision-making process with a full risk-assessment.
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VitalHub UKH3.A34A leading group of health tech companies (Transforming Systems, Intouch with Health, MCAP, Synopsis) simplifying the complexity of data integration in planned and unplanned care, to create one single version of the truth. We provide Softwares for Health and Human Services Providers Designed to Simplify the User Experience & Optimize Outcomes.Transforming Systems offers a live operational management platform that provides instant visibility of whole system data, supporting improved patient flow and safer, more effective care. Intouch with Health provides a holistic platform for elective services, supporting hospitals to manage entire patient workflows and optimise flow in outpatient care in an efficient manner.MCAP is a clinical decision support solution that medically optimises the delivery of patient centred medical, surgical and mental health care.Synopsis provides a comprehensive digital pre-operative assessment platform for elective surgery, reducing risk and optimising patient throughput to theatre.Our core foundations of effective patient flow aim to improve patient experience, achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and enable more coordinated, continuous, and ultimately safer care for patients.The VitalHub UK Group currently supports over a 100 Healthcare providers globally including over 45% of the acute hospital groups in the UK.Keywords: operational visibility, demand and capacity management, bed management, patient movement, patient flow, wayfinding, mobile check-in, patient check-in, pre-operative assessment. digital pre-op