Automated Waste Collection System, Pneumatic Waste Colletion System PNEUMATIC WASTE AND LAUNDRY SYSTEM OUR SOLUTION Modern hospital needs to offer the best care process with the highest level of hygiene. Several tons of dirty linen and waste must be processed quickly out from the wards and operation room. CAREMASTER™ -Automatic vacuum transfer technology is the most efficient solution to improve hygiene and logistical efficiency 24/7. UNIQUENESS AND IMPACT The solution improves hygiene, prevents cross contamination as eliminates W/L bins and staff movement along corridors and elevators. Hygienic - Restrict coronavirus, MERS, bacteria, virus, eliminates odor. Economical – no need for extra service elevators, waste bins, savings in labor costs. Space-saving, no need for W/L storages. Solution supports Circular Economy; waste sorting and recycling are one of the key points in CE PWCS / AWCS systems for hospitals and cities REFERENCES Over 100 big-scale and close to 1 000 smaller systems delivered since 1987. University hospitals, Central Hospitals, Care Centers, Retirement Home, Hospital Kitchens, Residential buildings, New City Blocks, Commercial Centers, High Rise Buildings, Shopping Malls, Hotels and food service centers and kitchens.
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