LINEN TROLLEYS Proper handling and storage of linen is very important to reduce the risk of disease transmission and the use of proper trolleys for collection of soiled linen and distribution of clean one makes the process easier. CFS ITALIA has a specific line of trolleys made of stainless steel or anodized steel such as several models LINEN HAMPERS, trolleys for LINEN COLLECTION AND/OR DISTRIBUTION as well as carts for soiled linen management in landry departments. Linen hampers have small castors for easy handling whereas other models have bigger castors for a better stability and higher weight capacity. SERVICE TROLLEYS A line of multifunctional trolleys meant to be used for storage and transportation of devices, dressing or many other goods. They have a tubular frame completely made of stainless steel and they are equipped with fixed or removable shelves. Some of them have drawers which are made of technopolymer or stainless steel and they all run on telescopic slides. They can even be equipped with accessories, such as trays, basins, glove dispenser, upstand with tilt bins.
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