SOLO™ DR 4343R Digital Retrofit X-Ray Detector


The SOLO™ DR 4343R is a full field cassette size digital X-ray detector with a 140µm pixel size. The SOLO™ DR 4343R can be used to retrofit existing analog imaging systems and can support a wide range of diagnostic studies. Lightweight design, effortless integration into analog X-ray system due to its slim cassette format, and bundled with an acquisition workstation make SOLO™ DR 4343F the solution of choice for customers seeking to retrofit existing analog units. FEATURES AND BENEFITS - 43x43 (17” x 17”) a-Si TFT digital dynamic detector - ISO 4090 compatible - Built-in Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) algorithm provides exposure dose control without a separate AEC sensor, reducing cost and increasing reliability - Built-in Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) system - Real-time data transfer over a standard Ethernet CAT 5e cable by means of 2,5 Gbit Ethernet interface - Dustproof and waterproof design (IP67) - Quickly and easily connect the detector to your acquisition workstation with a magnetic connector - Built-in memory module for storing detector calibration data and settings as well as temporary storage image data
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