ClariAdipo is a system that helps to predict the risk of developing metabolic syndrome. The accuracy of ClariAdipo is based on AI Deep Learning Technology and automatically measures the density of subcutaneous and visceral fat among all abdomen fat on abdominal CT images with artificial intelligence technology. It is a standalone S/W that analyzes DICOM CT abdomen fat image data sets.
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Claripi Inc.Z3.E52ClariPi Inc. is an Artificial Intelligence CT image denoising solution company that is looking for sales agencies, distributors, manufacturers, imaging centers, radiologists, and hospitals for our FDA cleared and CE marked product. We provide innovative solutions for the unmet needs in medical imaging fields through the convergence of intelligent big data computing and medical imaging technologies. Our products were born through long-term collaborative research between engineering and medical experts to help medical imaging experts to make decisions with confidence through clearer information and convenient decision guidance. We are a next-generation medical imaging company that integrates the power of artificial intelligence into its innovative solutions. The AI-enabled image processing technologies provide high-quality image information with ultra-low dose radiation and timely decision guidance for diagnostic confidence. ClariCT.AI is the company’s artificial intelligence deep-learned technology that uses noise reduction technology. It is both FDA cleared and CE marked to offer a significant increase in CT image clarity, even with ultra-low-dose. The ClariCT.AI is FDA cleared and CE marked and provides powerful denoising and image clarity enabled by our signature AI-powered clarity engine. This product is to be paired with low-dose and ultra-low-dose CT scans to ensure the protection of patients and staff while providing high-quality CT images.  The ClariSIGMAM is a fully automated zero-click breast density assessment solution that provides accurate and consistent density estimates from standard digital mammograms. The powerful pre-trained deep learning model ensures to make consistent clinical decision marking objectively and conveniently.   The ClariPulmo is a fully automated AI-powered 3D reporting solution for emphysema and COVID-19 pneumonia. Our powerful pre-trained deep learning model provides accurate quantitative analysis of lung nodules as well as low-attenuation and high-attenuation lesions despite strong image noise and varying scanning conditions. It is best suited for low-dose lung CT screenings.