Artificial iris implant and Hydrophobic intraocular lens


IRIS PROSTHESIS Ability to choose from 1200 colors and 24 different models. In collaboration with Nadezhda Pozdeyeva, MD HYRDOPHOBIC ACRYLIC This is the only foldable artificial iris manufactured from acrylic which provides it with outstanding biostability and biocompatibility. We use the same material as we have been using for the past 20 years in our IOLs. COLORS Before designing the Artificial Iris, we studied over 150 variations of human iris patterns. This helped us to implement a technology that allows to reconstruct any pattern using basic 1200 color combinations. Surgeons can select one of 300 existing designs to match the patient’s fellow eye. In cases where a more tailored approach is required, our specialists can design a custom iris pattern.
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