Membrane for Dura Mater reconstruction


The essence of our company lies in the creation of biocompatible and biostable materials with predefined properties. We started our business in 1996 with producing intraocular lenses, and since then we have been constantly expanding into other fields of medicine. Currently, we produce implants for surgery of cataract, glaucoma, hernias, neurosurgery and traumatic surgery. Our basic materials compete with the well-known solutions, such as: silicone, PMMA, ePTFE, polyurethane etc., not only in Russia but also abroad. For example, our hydrophobic acryl is delivered to several countries of the world, including Europe, to produce artificial crystalline lenses. Our polymer Reperen is used as anti-adhesive coating for surgical meshes. As such, it is registered in Europe (CE) and the US (FDA). We use two types of materials in neurosurgery: This is a shrinkproof anti-adhesive polymer made of hydrophobic acryl. The method of its manufacture is protected by several patents. It allows obtaining a chemically monolithic product which acts as an adhesion barrier in the human organism. We use it when an anti adhesion film is required. In neurosurgery this is necessary in plastic surgery on pachymeninx. Reperen has been used since 2007. In 2015 we developed its softer version, Dura Soft.
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