Airways and Oxygen Therapy


Intersurgical has a full range of airway devices including: - i-gel supraglottic airway - Laryngeal mask airways - InTube tracheal tubes - One-piece guedel airways - i-view video larynogoscope - InterGuide trachael tube and introducer bougie - InterForm intubating stylet - Patient connections - elbows, connectors and catheter mounts Intersurgical’s One-piece design eliminates the separate bite block found in all conventional Guedel airways by combining two materials with very different physical characteristics into one moulding. The One-piece also incorporates a soft tip reducing the risk of trauma to the patient. In the most recent version of the ISO standard for Oropharyngeal airways, ISO 5364:2016, a new colour coding requirement was implemented, aiming to improve patient safety and provide consistency across products from different manufacturers. All our Guedel airways comply with the new standards. Find out more In addition we have a full range of Oxygen and Aerosol Therapy devices including oxygen masks, nasal cannulae and nebulisers. The range includes the Intersurgical EcoLite mask providing a more environmentally friendly option and the FiltaMask for protecting the care provider.
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