SureWash Hand Hygiene APP


A leading healthcare mobile application delivering practical hand hygiene training to help reduce infections and manage risk. Employees, healthcare professionals, medical students or anyone looking to learn how to wash their hands correctly can learn the WHO technique on their mobile device. It uses the phone camera to measure hand motions and provides real-time feedback to support the user. In addition, learning results from your staff’s training is available via your SureWash.Net account. However, SureWash now also enables clients to integrate our hand hygiene training with your existing Learning Management System (LMS). SureWash Hand Hygiene App also engages patients and family members in a conversation about hand hygiene and infection control. As a result of gamifying the training, patients find the hand hygiene training an interactive and positive experience both in the hospital and at home. The app is also beneficial for training non-clinical staff in the healthcare setting.
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