Electrodiagnostical equipment for measuring airflow and lung functions in functional diagnostic centers, rehabilitation in pulmonology, asthma – monitoring and sports. Usage: Functional diagnostic centers; Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation in pulmonology; Asthma - monitoring; Sports, aviation - space medicine; Health services enterprises (conducting medical examinations); Medical - labor expertise; Health centers. Functions: Measuring of 4 VC parameters, 19 FVC parameters, 26 «flow-volume loop» parameters, 7 MTV parameters and 3 MVV parameters. Predicted values calculation for lung volumes and peak expiratory flow characteristics for adult and children on Klement/Shiryaeva, ITS, ECCS, KNUDSON, Zapletal, Polgar standarts. Evalution of parameters on Russian and ATS methods. Displaying measurement results on colored TFT display. Printing a spirometry results report on built in thermoprinter. Printing a spirometry results report via USB port on external laser printer. Post medication test. Work from built in battery. Keeping patient data in memory. Possibility to use the device both in stationary and in ambulatory conditions. Easy knob to operate the device.
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