SureWash ELITE


The SureWash ELITE is a cart-based hand hygiene training kiosk that can be left on site to bring training to your staff, patients and visitors within the hospital. It offers assessment-based hand hygiene training and education, making it the only validated system that can teach the why, how and when to perform hand hygiene. SureWash training is unique as our technology objectively assesses users hand hygiene technique during each training session. The live video image is shown to users on a large screen and real-time feedback is provided on their progress (augmented reality). In addition to measuring the motions of the hands in accordance with the WHO protocol, SureWash ELITE also identifies if staff are “bare to the elbow”. To offer a complete solution, the Reporting Suite on SureWash.NET also allows management and regulatory bodies to track and asses user’s learning progress. Further training on infection control topics can also be delivered through the lesson and quiz functionality. Therefore, you can deliver short infection control learning sessions within the workplace to assess the standard of knowledge among your staff on specific topics. As a result, gaps in knowledge can then be identified, helping facilities to be prepared for outbreak situations. This personalised training can be rolled out rapidly, with skills refreshed at critical times. All practical training data along with quiz and lesson results can be tracked and assessed through your Reporting Suite on SureWash.Net Fundamentally, the SureWash system helps to reduce infections, manage risk and achieve external certification for infection control.
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