Mitsar-EEG Routine EEG systems


Mitsar-EEG is mobile EEG solution ready for clinical routines Mitsar-EEG system for clinical routine EEG procedures. EEG system is supplied on roll stand for EEG accessories basket and flexible goose arm for photic simulator. -Mobile workstation and roll stand for EEG -LED bright photic simulator -USB or wireless EEG amplifier -Touch proof electrodes comparable -Connector for “10-20” EEG caps EEG system by Mitsar is compatible with any type of modern laptop and allows you to be mobile and perform EEG investigations anywhere the need arises. All accessories and electrodes are supplied together with EEG system. Mitsar-EEG Routine includes EEGStudio EEG acquisition and processing software and DATAStudio patient and recording management database. EEGStudio is designed to meet all requirements of clinical EEG routines including: -Patients and recordings database -Automatic recording scenarios -Doctor labels and events library -Programs for photic stimulation -Editable montage library -Report generation in MS Word
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MITSAR CO. LTDR.L30Our main products: • Mitsar-EEG clinical electroencephalographs • Long-term Video EEG monitoring systems• Ambulatory EEG solutions • Wearable wireless EEG system for research• Systems for Event Related potential studies • Neurofeedback / NeurorehabilitationFounded in 1996 by four Russian engineers MITSAR Co. Ltd. has developed a number of medical grade devices and software for EEG diagnostics and neuroscience research. We offer both clinical EEG systems for all your routine needs including ambulatory EEG and video EEG monitoring as well multichannel wearable and wireless research grade biosignal amplifiers and related advanced software for signal processing and analysis. Since 2004 Mitsar Company is involved in international trade and at the moment successfully exports Mitsar-EEG and SmartBCI products to different countries in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Due to the great quality, flexible distributor pricing and excellent performance of hardware and software Mitsar has merited authority among its customers. Mitsar. Co. Ltd. quality management system is certified to be in compliance with the European standard for medical devices ISO 13485. Mitsar products have been classified as Class IIa devices and are in conformity with requirements of Annex I of the European council directive 93/42/EEC and are CE marked. Also Mitsar-EEG has been issued the 510K (K143233) from the US FDA to be marketed and distributed on the territory of US. What’s unique about the productsGreat combination of modern technology and world recognized approach for EEG data acquisition and processing. Our wearable and wireless EEG products is perfect solution for clinical routines as well as research grade application. They provide excellent signal quality both with classic electrodes and active dry sensors and give freedom for the patient and doctor with its wireless technology. Combined with full advanced functioning software package SmartBCI and Mitsar-EEG systems will meet all your EEG lab needs. What’s the angle for the increase in Russian interest?• Medical equipment distributors• Healthcare professionals (neurologists) • Universities and research labs