Upgrade your existing Nurse Call system​


Upgrade Your Existing Nurse Call System with NurseCare into your existing nurse call system to improve staff response time, resident well-being, data management, and customer satisfaction. Many of today’s health institutions have deployed their communication systems in the past decades. These type of legacy systems no longer conform to today’s standards. You have already invested in a fully compliant nurse call system. The system works perfectly well for it’s intended purpose. But you would be willing to change the system. Our solution covers a range of requirements without needing to replace your existing hardware. Facilities who use Nursecare are afforded a wealth of data used to minimize response times, improve efficiency, boost resident quality of life, and demonstrate value. Compatible systems NurseCare system works with many of the vendors deployed (Rauland, Ascom, Schrack, Ackermann and others). Your system is not on the list? Contact us.
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