UV-PENTALIGHT 5/120 RCD is a five lamps germicidal device, placed on a stand, with five wheels for easy mobility. It works on direct radiation at 360 degrees and disinfects irradiated air and surfaces. The UV-C lamps, with emission peak at 253.7 nm. (nanometers), have a strong germicidal power against all micro-organisms (molds, bacteria and viruses). Each UV-PENTALIGHT series can be installed in any type of environment to achieve a deep disinfection of air and surfaces, even those difficult to be reached by traditional systems. When turned on, it gets a strong reduction of microbes in the air and on surfaces. For example, in 4 minutes at a distance of 3.5 meters, it achieves a 99.99% reduction of bacteria such as: Escherichia c., Salmonella t., Pseudomonas a., Staphylococco a., Klebsiella pn, Clostridium, Legionella, Vibrio, Bacillus s., Streptococco, ecc. Increasing up to 10 minutes will reach 99.9999%.
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