Transport and collection swabs LMS-Swabs / Liquid Swabs


Transport and collection swabs with liquid medium Our transport collection swabs contains special applicators and test tubes with screw cap and different liquid media, customized for the transportation and preservation of microbiological samples. The liquid medium allows diluting the samples easily and carrying out different tests out of one sample. The ready-to-use devices are delivered in a peel-pack easy to open. Breakpoint in the shaft of the applicator allows a safe and hygienic work-flow. The standard size of the test-tube (with screw-cap) makes them also suitable for use with automatic analyzers. Pre-labeled test tube allows correct sample identification. The items are produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and certified acc. DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012. Our swabs are sterile (SAL 10-6) and pyrogen free. Liquid swabs with flockeed sticks cannot be sold to every country due to geographical restrictions.
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