I.V. Cannula / IV / iv / Intravenous Cannula


IV Cannula Needle size:14,16,18,20,22,24G I.V. Cannula with injection ports and suturable wings I.V. Cannula with suturable wings I.V. Cannula with injection port and without wings I.V. Cannula with an Integrated Three-Way Stopcock I.V. Cannula with Wings for neonates Pen Safety I.V. Cannula Option Available: -PTFE/FEP/PU Flex Catheter -Hydrophobic filter -Clear or radio-opaque catheter: Advantage of using PU flex catheter: -Kink free -The catheter softens once inserted into the body -The properties of this catheter are similar to PU (Polyurethane) Features: Japanese Needle with 3-facet needlepoint to reduce penetration force Kink resistant and specially tapered catheter for easy vein puncture with minimum trauma Transparent flashback chamber for easy visualization of blood to confirm venipuncture With Luer lock plug Colour coding for each gauge as per international standards
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