intelliGO Free Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System


Living the experience of IntelliGO Free CGM. intelliGO Free has a huge variety of options and features to help you manage your diabetes and take the right desicions. OPTIONAL CALLIBRATION - LESS FINGERSTICKS Optional calibration allows less fingerstics for outstanding CGM accuracy. 14 DAYS WEAR SENSOR A smooth sensor is attached on the body with a strong tape, indicated to wear for up to 14 days. ONE CLICK AUTO APPLICATOR Simple, user friendly, that guarantees proper sensor placement. 3 YEAR LIFELONG WATERPROOF TRANSMITTER Without need for charging. Waterproof IP27. CUSTOMIZED ALARMS & ALERTS Customized alarms. With Intelligo Free set your range and receive notifications when you are heading low or high. Act proactively taking the right decisions for better diabetes management and enjoy your life without worries. DATA MANAGEMENT - SHARE YOUR DATA IntelligoFree Application for Androd and iOS and IntelligoFree portal for data management and data sharing with other users. Available in English, Spanish and Arabic Laguages.
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