Cranio-maxillofacial surgery


Maxillofacial surgery, including cranial surgery, encompasses a wide range which incorporates many specialised surgical fields. Maxillofacial surgery can involve surgical procedures such as bone and soft tissue surgery which require the use of multiple surgical instruments. At DIMEDA, you will find everything you need for your surgical procedures. From basic insturments and fracture plating instruments to special instruments for titanium osteosynthesis, we offer them. With our high demands for quality when manufacturing our surgical instruments, our goal is to support your perfection. Our worldwide customers rely on the premium-quality of DIMEDA products. Become a customer and benefit from our many years of experience in developing surgical instruments for maxillofacial surgery. Facial surgery and cranial surgery treat injuries or deformities of the face, jaw, mouth and oral cavity. Plastic surgery or dental surgery can play a role in such cases. Reconstruction in all regions of the face, from the cranium to the midfacial region and jaw/mouth, including the oral cavity must be covered. Multiple implants and special instruments must be available for these procedures. DIMEDA supports all applications with state-of-the-art technology.
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