Medical Ultra Low Temperature Freezers


We have a wide range of solutions which you may need from 175 Liters to 606 Liters and from -86 to -5 degrees celcius.
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CoolerMed ( Medical Refrigerator & Freezers )Z2.G11CoolerMed We are as Coolermed a manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers for Pharmacy, Laboratories, Hospital, Blood centers and University.As Coolermed, we are 450 staff and 35 R&D engineers. Together we have produced more than 50 different Medical refrigerators, freezer and transport cooler products in 9 different categories.We are experts at Medical cooling. We have a wide range of solutions which you may need from 71 Liters to 1350 Liters and from -86 to +15 degrees celcius.So far, we have exported our products to more than 30 countries.We would like to share our products range with you, hoping that this is the start of a business collaboration with us.Corporate video on youtube : product range includes:Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerator Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerator Bank Refrigerator and Freezer Combi Freezers Low Freezers Waste Storage Cooler would be appreciated to start a collaboration with your Company.We are looking forward to hearing from you.Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime for any question / order to proceed for further 0090 530 953 60 23 (Via Whatsapp,viber)Mustafa BulutCoolerMedExport Sales ExecutivePhone : 0090 530 953 60 23