diBLACK-LINE - the new generation of surgical instruments from DIMEDA


DIMEDA Instrumente offers a new generation of surgical instruments with improved properties in regards to longevity and resistance. In collaboration with surgeons and scientists, we continue to develop our surgical instruments further. In doing so, we ensure that all DIMEDA instruments can meet the daily demands operating room. The new diBLACK-LINE series from DIMEDA is characterised by exceptional hardness, high scratch-resistance and outstanding corrosion resistance. All DIMEDA BLACK-LINE instruments also feature excellent tissue compatibility and optimal cleaning properties. Customers all around the world put their trust in the reliability of the surgical instruments from DIMEDA. With the new generation of instruments, we aim to boost the robustness and longevity of the instruments and improve their handling in the operating room. Thanks to our BLACK LINE instruments, we have achieved just that. Find the right instruments for your specific discipline and benefit from the outstanding properties of the new DIMEDA instruments.
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